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Low-Ion pH Test Kit

Low-Ion pH Test Kit ― Hiddencures.com
Weight: 0.1313 lbs

This Low-Ion test kit is an inexpensive way to measure the pH of the ionized water, and provides an easy way to see what strength of water you are producing. It has a pH range of 1 to 11 in increments of 1 pH. Regular pH test paper is not suitable and gives erroneous readings. This is because the ions in the paper itself swamp out the ions in the water; the problem is solved with this Low-Ion test kit. If you want to measure ORP (oxidation reduction potential) you will need an electronic meter of some sort.

Each kit contains a 15-foot roll of test paper, matching color chart and one(1) capped 4 ml. sample tube, packed in a polypropylene protective case.

Place a 3" strip of Lo Ion paper in the sample tube. Fill the tube with ionized water and cap it. Invert the tube several times to ensure uniformity of color. After 1 minute, compare the sample tube with the color chart.

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