Spare parts for water ionizer

Replacement retaining pipe for G-2C water ionizer.


Replacement Power Supply for Water Ionizer, 100 - 240 VAC


Replacement Square Cloth Membrane for G-2B and G-2C Water Ionizer. Recommended for new ionizers, or upgrade for G-2 and G-2A. Requires latest power supply (32VDC or 36VDC).


Replacement Retaining Ring for Square Cloth Membrane for G-2B


Replacement Electrode for Ionizer


Replacement Fiber Membrane for Water Ionizer, old style G-2 and G-2A ionizers. Not recommended for new ionizers.


Alkajar replacement filter


Replacement lid for G-2B and G-2C water ionizer


Replacement Bottle Assembly, for Repairs Only. This is not for ordering an ionizer. Contact me for actual price.

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