HiddenCures.com Affiliate Program 

Refer Your Friends and Get Rewarded 

When a customer you've referred makes a purchase, your account is credited with 25% of their products total price. This is a very high payout compared to most other affiliate programs.

Every registered user of HiddenCures.com is automatically a member of the affiliate program. To register, simply create an account using the "Create account" link at the bottom of the page. If you have previously placed an order, you are already registered. Your login is used as your personal ID, so it would be good to use your name and not something cryptic so your customer can remember it. You can create another account with a better login if desired.

A referral commission can only be given if your customer places an order by internet, not by phone (the software is not set up for phone).

After logging in, go to "My account" and you can view you balance (total commissions earned), a list of payments made to you, and instructions "How to earn money" by attracting visitors to the store; you will find your personal link there.

You will receive a personal link you can use that will identify you when a customer clicks on that link and places an order.  Or, if your customer enters your login when placing an order, that will also identify them as your customer and you will receive your commission.

All payments are made in US dollars, 30 days after the sale is made; since we provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, sometimes refunds are given so we don't want to pay a commission on returned products. Payment will be made when the balance due equals or exceeds $100, within 2 weeks after the first of the month. You can be paid by PayPal or by check sent by mail (there is an administrative fee of $5.00 per check).



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