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Terms, Shipping, and Warrantee

We ship exclusively by U.S. Postal Service, priority insured. Ionizers generally ship for about $15. International orders ship for $57, based upon one ionizer; if you want more than one ionizer, or if you only want small parts, contact us for a shipping quote.

We currently only accept Paypal, cashiers check, money order, or personal check (held 10 days), MoneyGram, and Western Union. 

For checks, print your order form, and send it with payment made out to: Richard Walbaum, 208 E. Madison Ave., Fairfield, IA 52556. No cod. Minimum order is $10.

HiddenCures warrants that the G-2C ionizer is free from defects, and will either repair or replace the defective component or unit at HiddenCures discretion, for a period of one year from date of purchase, provided there is no abuse. Invoice is required, unless the unit is purchased from HiddenCures and we have a record of the sale. Return the unit for a full refund, less shipping. We may ask you to return the defective component so we can analyze the cause of the problem and upgrade the product. You pay shipping for the return, we pay shipping to get the replacement part to you. To be eligible for warranty, instructions in this manual must be carefully followed and the unit must not be abused. If the alligator clips are allowed to get wet and corrode, warranty of the module is void. If the bottle assembly is knocked around and develops a leak, repair (if possible) or replacement cost is deducted, but if not abused, a leak is covered under warranty.

HiddenCures provides a 30-day satisfaction warrantee. In addition to the above, to be eligible for the 30-day satisfaction refund, the unit must be returned in resellable condition, with original box and packing materials, so keep them for 30 days. Please allow everything to dry out before returning. We reserve the right to refuse refunds for ionizers that are abused, damaged due to failure to follow the instructions in this user manual, or wet ionizers.

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